Kinston Volunteer Recognized for Outstanding Service

During our response to the Kinston Towers Fire in June and July, Lenoir County volunteer, Sonia Johnson, proved to be an indispensable part of the operation.  Sonia was there from beginning to end, nearly four weeks, she utilized her skills in disaster response to help those affected while also providing leadership and training to new volunteers.

Sonia Johnson (front) along with fellow Red Cross volunteers Lani Morbley and Helen Miller.

Sonia Johnson (front) along with fellow Red Cross volunteers Lani Morbley and Helen Miller.

Johnson joined the Kinston Towers Response on day one, when the Red Cross opened an emergency shelter at 3am after nearly 150 residents were evacuated from the building. She worked at the shelter that day helping to provide meals supplies and comfort while also meeting individually with clients to begin the casework process to access their needs.

Johnson was quickly promoted to casework supervisor for the operation after Red Cross leadership observed the accuracy and reliability with which she conducted her work.  She displayed professionalism when interviewing clients and supervising casework teams while continuing to show compassion and consideration for the clients and her fellow volunteers.

“If it wasn’t for Sonia, this operation would not have run as smoothly as it has,” said Leslie Gillette, Red Cross operations manager for the Kinston Towers response. “You can tell that she put in a lot of hours before this operation began to ensure the chapter was ready and remained prepared for whatever came our way.”

Not only did Johnson assist with the Kinston Response, she continued in her day-to-day role as disaster action team member and responded to 5 home fire calls during the operation.  Staff and volunteers alike had kind words to stay about Johnson.  She is truly an asset to the organization and will be honored for her work at a volunteer celebration in late July or August.


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