Resident Affected by Beaufort County Tornado Shares Experience

Dustin and his girlfriend share their story with Red Cross volunteers in the area surveying damaging and assessing the needs of community members affected by the tornadoes.

Dustin Brooks Haddock, 27, spoke of his experience the night he was sitting in his mobile home off Asbury Church Rd, and he ran out the house into a ditch as the tornado came across his area. He spoke of being his home and heard the tornado warning go off on his radio. He watched outside filming the tornado unfold from across the river. The tornado came over his home and this is when Dustin ran into the ditch at the back of his home. He realized his mistake in hiding in the ditch when a tree split and fell two foot from his head.

Today, Dustin said that as soon as the storm passed “his neighbors came out of their homes and started doing a head count making sure everyone in the community was alright” before they either left their homes or came to the shelter.

While the Red Cross was in the area doing disaster assessment, bulk distribution and handing out snacks and drinks; we met several of our community partners. Partners are assisting families in their recovery. Dustin remarked that “its the community you don’t know that makes you grateful for where you live”.


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