Rebuilding the Family Home

The Harris Family receives supplies and support from Red Cross volunteers.

The Harris Family receives supplies and support from Red Cross volunteers.

Caleb and Shirley Harris have lived in their house since they built it in 1957. They raised their children there and now their grandson Derrick Meads lives there with them. However, the recent tornado took its toll on their home.

The Harris’ and their grandson were all home when the tornado touched down on their property. “It just came right in under the roof and tore up the back bedroom and then left to do damage to our buildings out back,” said Caleb.

Trees on the family’s mini farm were uprooted, the interior and exterior of the house were damaged, and part of an outbuilding was tossed across the street.   Caleb is grateful that his family and their animals were unharmed by the tornado.

The Red Cross stopped by the Harris’ to offer their support and provide the family with cleanup supplies as they worked to repair and rebuild their home. The Baptist Men, a partner organization of the Red Cross, went to the Harris home and cleared the uprooted trees. Because partnerships like this are established before disaster strikes, the Red Cross and other organizations can more readily respond to the needs of an impacted community.

Caleb’s daughter, Darlene Wharton, was in the area to help her parents with the cleanup and expressed her gratitude for the help from the Red Cross as well as the Baptist Men’s group.


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