About five families lose their homes to fire every day

It can be difficult to comprehend, but every day in Eastern North Carolina, about five home fires occur.

Five families lose their beloved possessions, House Fire 2015sometimes loved ones and pets. Five families are left homeless. Five families are forced to rise from the soot and
rebuild their lives. Five families almost every single day.

“Unfortunately, home fires are all too common,” said Barry Porter, regional chief executive of the Red Cross in Eastern North Carolina. “Each day in our region, families affected by home fires all of a sudden face the tremendous challenge of regrouping and starting new. It’s our job to help ease that burden.”

In just one weekend in April, the Red Cross responded to 18 fires in the Eastern North Carolina region, which affected 73 people. That weekend, the Triangle area saw two 12-unit apartment fires, which left families homeless, many injured, and killed several pets. Only one apartment fire received media attention that weekend, but the Red Cross was onsite at each disaster.

In each case, families may be provided financial assistance, shelter, food, and mental health services to help them begin their recovery.

The Red Cross relies on the generosity of the community to continue to help families affected by home fires each day. To make your contribution, visit www.redcross.org/enc.


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