Red Cross, Partners Reaching Out to Residents Affected by Flooding

Food Being Prepared by Southern Baptists, Delivered by Red Cross Volunteers

More than 2,000 people woke up in a shelter in Eastern North Carolina on Sunday morning, more than a week after Hurricane Matthew dumped heavy rains on the region. 30 shelters remained open for residents who are not yet able to return to their homes.

Many residents who ARE in their homes, but are unable to cook or unable to shop for food have benefited by the generosity of our partners with Southern Baptist Disaster Relief. Volunteers are preparing thousands of meals a day, lunch and supper, which are being delivered by Red Cross volunteers driving through the affected region in Emergency Response Vehicles.

By the numbers:  Almost 170,000 meals had been served in shelters and to residents in their homes as of Saturday night. Food is being prepared in 5 mobile kitchens operated by the Southern Baptists. Volunteers at the kitchen located at the First Baptist Church in Kinston were preparing almost 4,000 meals on Sunday. 83 Red Cross Emergency Response Vehicles are fanning out across Eastern North Carolina to deliver the food.  And more than 1,100 Red Cross workers…most of them volunteers…have responded to the call to help in North Carolina.

You can sign up to become a Red Cross volunteer here.  You can also make a donation to help fund Hurricane Matthew Disaster Relief and relief from future disasters, big and small, by logging onto, or by calling 1-800-RED CROSS.  And if you text the word MATTHEW to 90999, you can make an automatic $10 donation to Hurricane Matthew relief.

Photo credit: Jim McIntyre/American Red Cross


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