“Mama Queen” Helps the Red Cross Feed a Neighborhood

When the Red Cross emergency response vehicle pulled into the parking lot of the Kent Place Apartment complex in Whiteville, North Carolina, Carrie Jessup took charge.


Carrie Jessup of Whiteville, North Carolina

“Park over there, in the shade,” she commanded.

“They call me Mama Queen.  I just take care of them.”

Carrie was referring to her neighbors, most of them parents with young children.  “Mama Queen” helped distribute the lunches the Red Cross crew was there to deliver.

The bratwurst, baked beans, peaches and potato chips were prepared by the Southern Baptist Disaster Relief operation, in the mobile kitchen they assembled at the Western Prong Baptist Church.


As of Monday, October 17, the Red Cross and community partners had served more than 346,000 meals and snacks to the people of North Carolina who have been affected by flooding and other damage done by Hurricane Matthew.  5 kitchens and 111 emergency response vehicles have been mobilized, along with about 1,300 Red Cross workers.

80 meals were served at the Kent Place Apartments Tuesday afternoon.

“We appreciate your being here,” Carrie said.

The Red Cross depends on donations to provide immediate relief during disasters You can help people affected by Hurricane Matthew by visiting redcross.org, by calling 1-800-RED CROSS or by texting the word MATTHEW to 90999 to make a $10 donation.

Photos and story: Jim McIntyre/American Red Cross


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