Nine-year-old girl dresses as American Red Cross founder Clara Barton, assists with hurricane relief

Over a month after Hurricane Matthew’s landfall, residents of Eastern North Carolina are still recovering from the storm and hundreds of volunteers continue to respond to the hard-hit areas. From working in shelters to delivering meals and hosting donation drives, volunteers are pitching in any way they can.

Cadence is no different. The 9-year-old wanted to help storm victims in her own way. After doing a school project on Clara Barton, the nurse who founded the American Red Cross, and seeing the damage caused by Hurricane Matthew, she decided to host a donation drive to help the Red Cross with its disaster response.

Following the drive, Cadence donned her Clara Barton dress and delivered a trailer of cleaning supplies to the Red Cross Disaster Relief Headquarters in Goldsboro on Nov. 5.


Cadence, her sistern Delia and her friend Graysie stand in front of the trailer of supplies Cadence collected from the donation drive she organized at her school.

“I saw a lot of pictures, I learned about it, I learned about Hurricane Matthew, so I guess from all the pictures and all the damage, I wanted to help that and change people, change the way people’s homes look,” Cadence said on what inspired her to take action.

While all of the Red Crossers at the site were overjoyed with her visit, including the job director who gave her a coveted Red Cross challenge coin for her hard work, her parents were even more proud of their little girl.


Cadence shows off her Clara Barton outfit and a teddy bear given to her by a Red Cross member.

“I’ve always known she has such a huge heart, so to see her come up with an idea like this, we know how special she is and I think it lets her know that she can make a difference one day,” her mother, Kim Adamson said.

Her father, equally as proud of his generous daughter, said, “Cadence is always humble and caring and this opportunity has given her a chance to combine that with some confidence and taking charge and putting herself out there and we love that. It’s been a really good experience for her and a good thing, too.”

Cadence’s caring and compassionate act of generosity is proof that anyone can make a difference, no matter your age, size or even sense of style!

For more information about how to donate or volunteer at the Red Cross, visit


Red Crossers in Goldsboro enjoy Cadence’s visit and donation of cleaning supplies.


By: Emma Kirkpatrick/Photos by Greta Gustafson


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