Red Cross and Team Rubicon Celebrate Veterans Day Serving North Carolinians

The American Red Cross and Team Rubicon have unique missions, but often join forces to support their common goal of helping those affected by disasters. This Veterans Day, both the Red Cross and Team Rubicon celebrate their veteran volunteers who are continuing to serve their country by helping North Carolinians, devastated by Hurricane Matthew just over a month ago.


Red Cross honors the veterans among them, including a special guest from Team Rubicon, during the morning meeting at the Goldsboro disaster headquarters. Photo by Greta Gustafson/American Red Cross.

“There is no better way to spend Veterans Day than continuing to serve,” said K.C. Baney, Incident Commander for Team Rubicon’s Operation Seymour Action.

Throughout the response to Hurricane Matthew, the Red Cross has provided over 100,000 overnight shelter stays, almost 1.5 million meals and snacks, hundreds of thousands of relief supplies and helped those affected identify resources available to them to take the next step forward in their recovery. Team Rubicon, comprised mostly of veterans and first responders, has helped over 50 families begin the rebuilding process by mucking and gutting flood-ravaged homes and removing downed trees.

“It is particularly rewarding to do something for another veteran,” said Team Rubicon’s Curt Kronberg on the various people they have helped. Though Team Rubicon helps everyone in need, they focus on targeting veterans, the elderly and low-income populations.


Team Rubicon on-site at a home in Goldsboro, working together to move a large portion of a tree that fell on a homeowner’s property during Hurricane Matthew. Photo by Larry French/American Red Cross.

Just a few days ago, a Team Rubicon strike team was at a home in Goldsboro, N.C. cutting a massive tree that fell across the homeowner’s driveway. Working as a very tight-knit team, the crew used chainsaws to tackle the massive project in a way no one person could do alone. All of the volunteers expressed that the sense of camaraderie and shared purpose Team Rubicon provides is exactly what they are missed after leaving the military.

“Mission, purpose and community,” said Kronberg.


Team Rubicon showcases their pride by carving their logo into the stump of the tree they are working to remove. Photo by Larry French/American Red Cross.


Team Rubicon and the Red Cross collaborate exchange information throughout disasters. For example, Team Rubicon refers people in need of additional resources to the Red Cross, and the Red Cross supplies enabling resources such as cots, blankets and meals to Team Rubicon. Both organizations conduct damage assessments and share their information to target and support the families and communities that are in need.

As Team Rubicon’s Director of Field Operations, David Burke, has said of partnering non-governmental organizations, “There’s greater need out there than any one organization can answer alone. We look forward to the opportunity to continue to strengthen our partnerships and be a small part of scaling the whole community’s ability to provide aid to those affected by disaster.”


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