Eastern NC native reflects on home fire

Kelcey Ashworth was having dinner at her father’s home in Pinehurst when she got a call kelceythat her mother’s house was on fire.

Kelcey, a sophomore in high school at the time, recalls arriving on the scene of the fire in 2002. There were a multitude of first responders, she said, among them, the American Red Cross.

“[The Red Cross] was there. They stayed with us,” she said. “The offered us a place to stay and provided a [financial] voucher to get essentials…they were a huge savior to us.”

The fire, which started from a faulty electrical wire, consumed the garage, living room, and kitchen, Kelcey said. Her family ultimately had to tear down the home and sell the property.

“A lot of people think it won’t happen to them,” Kelcey said. “But it’s more common than people think.”

In Eastern North Carolina, the Red Cross responds to about five home fires every day. Keep your family safe this winter by following two steps: 1. Practice a 2-minute home escape drill and make sure your family can safely exit a home in under 2 minutes. 2. Test your smoke alarms monthly.

For more information about home fire safety, visit www.redcross.org/homefires.


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