Classic rock cover band to host benefit for Hurricane Matthew victims


By Brent Kappler

Making Unbelievable Sounds Involving Charities.  That’s what the band, Wildflower and The Weeds enjoys doing. Wildflower and The Weeds is a classic rock cover band, covering music from the Beatles to Pink,  Jackson Brown and the Foo Fighters.  The band was formed five years ago comprising of seven people, all of whom are friends, that absolutely love to play music and love to give back.

The band members are: Meg Dietrich-lead vocalist, Gary Black-Lead Guitarist and backup vocals, Bob Irving-Lead Guitarist and vocals, Chuck Haas-Rhythm guitar, Mark Madar-Bass guitar, Gregg Cockroft-piano and keyboards and Brent Kappler-Drummer and backup vocals. Although none of us make our living in the music industry, we’ve all been musicians since a very young age and we love to play.

Our charitable giving started three years ago, when we were asked if we would volunteer our band to play at the North Carolina Military Expo at the NC State Fair grounds.  We accepted the invitation and had a blast performing.  Last year we performed for a large neighborhood block party and raised money for a local charity organization.  We dubbed it ‘M.U.S.I.C’ (Making Unbelievable Sounds Involving Charity).  We ended up raising several hundred dollars for the U.S. Veterans Corps, a non-profit organization located right here in our own community, where much of that money was put toward purchasing food and supplies for needy families throughout the state.


This year we are continuing with the M.U.S.I.C theme and are playing to benefit the Eastern North Carolina chapter of the Red Cross, to raise money for families who have been and are still being affected by the damage sustained in Hurricane Matthew.  The need for assistance is still very real to many families in the southeastern portion of our state that were hit by Hurricane Matthew.  Many families are still without a home and are being housed in small hotel rooms until their homes can either be renovated back to a habitable state, or are needing their home rebuilt altogether.  We consider ourselves very blessed in the central part of the state, but we want to help those who are still in need of assistance.  Even though Hurricane Matthew hit us last October, we want these families to know we haven’t forgotten them.

…We want these families to know we haven’t forgotten them,” — Brent Kappler

We are extremely passionate about this cause and we are asking you to please join us on Saturday, Jan. 28, from 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. for a night of music, fun and dancing.  This event will be fun for the whole family.  Raffle prizes will be given away AND contest prizes, as well.  The event is being held at Christ The King Lutheran Church at 600 Walnut St. in Cary, NC, located directly across the street from the Dairy Queen and adjacent to Cary High School.


Although this event is being held at Christ The King Lutheran Church, it’s not an official church event.  It’s a community event open to the public.  Please attend and help us do more good in our community!


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