Young Red Cross volunteer logs thousands of hours, receives nod for Fort Bragg award

Since 2017, Quintin Buss has devoted his young life to helping and serving others.

After he obtained an Emergency Medical Technician Certification, Buss joined the Red Cross as a volunteer. In one year’s time, he’s logged more than 700 hours in the emergency room at Womack Army Medical Center and 1,600 hours with Fort Bragg EMS.

Because of his time and dedication, Buss has been nominated for the Iron Mike Award, an accolade created in 2001 to honor volunteers for their contributions and significant impact on the military community at Fort Bragg.

Buss on the ambulance used during his internship classes

Buss comes from a military family. For him, the experience of continually moving, growing up in unfamiliar areas, and not having a rooted home, have been nothing but positive in developing the person he is today.

“Being surrounded by other military families gave me a sense of belonging in a community that is ever-changing,” Buss said. “The military community has made me the person I am today, and volunteering with the Red Cross is a way I can give back to this community to hopefully make a positive impact.”

Buss said he finds the volunteer work enriching and meaningful, as well as a fruitful learning experience.

“The ER staff and EMS crews were immediately inviting when I first started, and have taught me so much that you simply cannot learn from a textbook,” he said. “What I have found most rewarding is being able to help soldiers and family members during their time of need, and being able to see the look of relief on a patient’s face, knowing that they trust you and feel safe, is always a rewarding sight.”

While Buss volunteered with emergency services, he simultaneously juggled life as a biology student at East Carolina University (ECU).

Buss (right) receives Appreciation award from Col. John. J Melton (left), Commander of Womack Army Medical Center

William B. Boone, his paramedic supervisor, said, “He has eagerly volunteered his time with both departments even while managing a busy college schedule. As a show of his dedication to furthering his career, he drove two hours from ECU to Fort Bragg simply to volunteer his time and to gain further knowledge during the Spring and Fall Semester of 2017.

 Buss has been characterized by his positive attitude and motivation to keep learning. “Buss continues to provide excellent patient care and on many occasions, has been praised by fellow staff members, the patients, and their family members,” Boone said.

Buss said he feels confident in his new-found medical knowledge and is inspired to now become a physician’s assistant.

Story by Ingrid Laprea/American Red Cross