COVID 19: American Red Cross Works with Partners to Offer Spiritual Resources for Families Hit by Pandemic

Rev. Cameron Barr, United Church of Chapel Hill

Faith-based partners in Red Cross’s Virtual Family Assistance Center offer spiritual help

The United Church of Chapel Hill is one of the partner organizations working with the American Red Cross’s recently launched Virtual Family Assistance Center. The Red Cross launched the virtual center in order to offer an array of services for families struggling with loss and grief due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. These services range from grief, to legal, to spiritual support. The United Church of Chapel Hill is one partner in the effort offering spiritual resources specifically.

“COVID-19 is requiring us to support one another and communities in ways that we hadn’t imagined,” said Reverend Cameron Barr of the United Church of Chapel Hill, a denomination of the United Church of Christ. “Local churches aren’t able to be present, but we want to find other ways to be there for folks during this difficult time. I appreciated that the Red Cross reached out to us with this opportunity to meet spiritual needs,” Barr said of the Virtual Family Assistance Center.

Barr said that as part of the effort, the Church is available to take calls and field questions from those in the community who need spiritual help during this difficult time. “Those calls may not only come from our particular congregation community, but also from others that need spiritual help that our community can provide.”

The Chapel Hill church, which holds the largest congregation of its faith in the Southeast, is not sponsoring in-person worship or memorial services during the pandemic. “Faith is dispersed with people in quarantine,” said Barr. “But if there are people who need to connect with the community, we want to be there for them.”

For spiritual help and questions, people can call the United Church of Chapel Hill at 919-942-3540. People can follow the United Church of Christ on Facebook or Instagram @unitedchurchofchrist.

Story by: Melissa Kaye | American Red Cross

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